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"The Usedom Project"


... is a free non-profit project that is open to apprentices (specially for tourism apprentices), students, drama students and high school students (especially the graduating classes).


In monthly seminars, the currently 120 participants learn to implement esteeming/ appreciative and respectful teamwork as well as experience-based and structured learning and develop social competence as well as the ability to recognize their own potential.


"The Usedom Project" is a multi-year project with annually changing cooperation partners - this year’s project is "The Usedom-Seychelles Project". The 10 most dedicated apprentices (engaged in the training company, in the vocational school and in the project), pupils and students have the opportunity to travel to the Seychelles in October 2019 to learn about ecotourism. The international exchange project is the "Aldabra Atoll Clean Up Project" which is carried out by young people of the Seychelles and Oxford University.


"The Usedom Project" is currently the largest sustainable project of young people in Germany.

The project will be recorded in a documentary film.


The first self-selected large common "task" is the organization and planning of a meaningful action involving the communities and tourism experts of the island of Usedom but also/ as well as well-known personalities in the field of "sustainability".

Since October 2018, the first major German beach cleanup with over 4,000 participants has been/is being planned with great media interest. "The Usedom Project" wants to set/send out a message, drawing attention to the global problem of littered and damaged oceans. It is committed to "our island, our people, our beach".

Sustainability is environmentally and socially important for us - this young generation wants to be smarter, more courageous, more aware and more respectful in its use of resources.


The initiators of the project are Anika Ziegler (Island Seminars, Usedom) and Martina Zöllner (my tv-magazin, Frankfurt). A team of currently eight voluntary members coordinates the group of organizers.


The beach cleanup - the now internationally known name was chosen consciously - along 42 kilometers of the Baltic Sea beach on the island of Usedom will take place on May 17, 2019 between 10 and 12 o’clock. The evening before, we will organize a get-together in cooperation with the “Vorpommersche Landesbühne” with celebrities, journalists and, of course, representatives of the island of Usedom.


On May 17, starting at 6 pm, a discussion round on "Sustainability" will take place in the hall of the "Preußenhof" Zinnowitz. A number of well-known personalities have agreed to participate.